Hello Franni Granola Fans.

I have news.

Over the past month or so I have been scrambling to find a replacement for an ingredient that I considered to be an integral piece of my Wheat Free Granola. The company who created my crunchy rice has discontinued it. I have searched and found; I have baked off batches with possible stand ins, but nothing comes close to creating that lovely crunchy bit in the granola. I have used up all of the stock of the discontinued ingredient and from here on in, it’s just not going to be the same. Things had already changed though, before the discontinuation.

It’s been a struggle to keep up my inventory since I injured my shoulder last winter . It’s a little harder to toss those big bags of grain around and I have been considering my options. I was moving in the direction of getting my ducks in a row to sell the company but with the new realization I no longer have a tasted and loved product to sell (because of the missing ingredient) that option is now off the table. So I am shutting it down. I know I still have a fine classic granola but, but the wheat free quickly built to over 75% of my total sales so without it, I really don’t have a business any more.

I will be attending markets until the end of August, selling whatever stock I have on hand. I suspect I will run out of wheat free granola rather quickly. The last batch is half of the original recipe mixed with my last ditch attempt at replacing the ingredient. The tarts will be made until I run out of pastry flour.

I can’t tell you how much pleasure I have derived from feeding you all these years. I have always kept you first and foremost in my thoughts as I baked. I think I have the kindest, funniest, friendliest, most interesting customers and I will miss seeing and connecting with you.

In response to my injury, I did some training this summer to be a Forest Therapy Guide. I am involved in a six month practicum period, but I look forward to beginning a new business in earnest in the new year. Please check out my face book page for Muskoka Forest Therapy. Perhaps we will connect again sometime soon, in the forest.

Best to All.
Fran Pirrie
Franni Granola